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Audio Installations

Crisp and clear audio is in any case the most important thing for any presenter. If the audio is unclear, the message is unclear.

Audio Installations

For almost 30 years, Wesotronic is perfecting the audio experience in churches, meeting rooms, schools, funeral homes, townhalls and many other applications. Using sophisticated tools to measure the optimal listing distance and digital, steerable loudspeakers we create a whole new sound experience in any space.

Our own sound engineers create 3D calculations to build the perfect sound experience. The building structure, acoustics and sound performance of the space is integrated by the calculations made by Wesotronic and together they make the perfect solution. Based on this, we advise on how to equip the space and create a tailor- made solution.

Realising such a solution, requires expertise. Each project starts with a comprehensive site-survey to visualise and take note of your requirements. If it is a new building which is physically not yet finished, we will use the building drawings which rely on the theoretically best solution. In most cases an acoustic report is made. Using this data, Wesotronic will create a solution that fits the need of your organisation.

Our install base contains over 500 customers (including many churches) who have an installation built and serviced by Wesotronic. It’s not just the audio that is part of our portfolio, we also offer:

  • Emergency sound solutions
  • Mobile rental sets
  • Loop amplification
  • Recording solutions
  • Discussion systems
  • Church TV
  • Presentation solutions; projectors, projection screens, LED walls- and LED displays, presentation furniture
  • All required peripherals

Make the most of your meetings

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