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Audiovisual Solutions

Forget the time of analogue whiteboards with pencils that keep disappearing. No more faltering PowerPoint presentations or YouTube videos. We offer the best, stable and high-quality meeting room solutions for your organisation.

Our Services

Innovative meeting solutions

Digital Collaboration

Using digital whiteboards and touch screens, your organisation is enabled to work in an efficient way. The need to be in the same room and work on a small laptop screen is now history. With our collaborative solutions you can easily work together, even if your colleague is on the other side of the world. Visualizing new ideas, creating drawings and sketches has never been easier!

Wireless Presentations

Forget the cable-spaghetti on the conferencing table. Forget the issue that the cables don’t match the connector of your laptop. With the latest and greatest wireless presentation solutions that we offer, all of this is history. Enhance your productivity, increase revenue and be more agile than your competitor!

Video Conferencing

The time of being in the same room to efficiently work together is gone. With the newest HD and 4K Video Conferencing solutions you connect to anyone at any location. Whether it’s using an App, PC, tablet or meeting room system. Share new ideas and presentations with a single press of a button and start collaborating.

Professional Audio Installations

Nothing is more convincing than the human voice. It is our responsibility to ensure that this sound is transferred to the ear as naturally as possible. Using the latest technologies available on the market, we offer comprehensive solutions for your meeting room, townhall, large venue or church. It’s all about the sound.

Room Integration and Controls

Meeting rooms become more and more technological. Controlling displays, audio, presentation, lighting, climate control, window blinds. Everything needs to be controllable using a simple iPad-like device. We create rooms which are simple to operate and offer the ability to operate everything.

Make the most of your meetings

Your meeting room can be future-proof. Curious on how we do this? Click below to plan a meeting and discuss all the options we can offer you.

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