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Wireless Presentation Solutions

Forget all the wires on your table. The spaghetti, always the wrong connector and broken cables. Using the wireless presentation solutions offered by Wesotronic, this belongs to the past.

Wireless Presentation Solutions

Sounds familiar? Entering the meeting room with your outdated laptop. It’s a slow machine giving you a headache, but it still works, so won’t be replaced. Company policy. You are about to share a presentation, but IT has replaced the VGA cable with a newer HDMI cable. This cable doesn’t fit on your laptop so presenting is out of the question. In the end you just turn your laptop to the audience and present like that. Frustration all over.

The solution is simple: the wireless presentation solutions offered by Wesotronic. Get rid of the cable spaghetti in the room and never think about whether your laptop has the right connection. Easily connect a USB stick to any USB connection (no matter how old your laptop is) or use an app on your mobile device and start sharing. Share PowerPoint Presentations, Pictures, Excel Sheets, Word Documents and even streaming video (without latency) within the blink of an eye. All our solutions are compatible with Windows, Apple iOS and Android. Start making your life easier and more beautiful meeting rooms as cable canals and long installation belong to the past. Oh, and it’s a long-lasting investment as USB never changes.


  • Meeting rooms
  • Boardrooms
  • Churches
  • Auditorium
  • Townhall meeting
  • Huddle room
  • Schools and universities

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